Letter From Imprisoned Lawyer Aytaç Ünsal:

Our invitation:
We are lawyers of the people: we have defended the workers who are murdered every day on the building sites and in the mines.
We have defended villagers whose olives are plundered, whose mountains are pierced and whose rivers are poisoned.
We have defended youth condemned to corruption whose right to expression and action is not recognised. We have defended women exposed to rape, violence, humiliation and murder.
We have defended our Sunni people whose beliefs are exploited and commercialised.
We have defended our Alevi people whose beliefs and places of worship are under threat.
We have defended the Kurdish people who are disrespected and threatened with assimilation.
We have defended the Turkish people and the people of Anatolia whose national dignity is trampled upon by US bases occupying our territory.
We work as revolutionary lawyers who struggle for the people and homeland, experience torture and imprisonment, are murdered, struggle under all conditions and continue to pay the price.
This is why we have been prisoners for 18 months:
This is why they want to punish the People’s Law Bureau (HHB).
This is why we invite you to our trial between 18 and 21 March in Silivri, we will continue to defend the People’s Law Bureau.

One of the imprisoned lawyers of the People’s Law Bureau: AYTAC UNSAL

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