In Ukraine, the fascist collaborator Stepan Bandera was made a national hero

On January 22, 2010, the medal of the hero of Ukraine was awarded by the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko. Despite being outlawed by a court decision with the subsequent President Viktor Yanukovych, especially with the Zelensky government, Bandera has now become an idol, both in the army and in the police forces. Bandera collaboration, which left its mark on the official ideology of the state, led to the hanging of giant posters of “national heroes” in many parts of the country, including the parliament building. Today, we are publishing a video that can provide information about the character of the Ukrainian army, which has been organizing massacres that rained bombs on Donesk and Lugansk, which has announced its independence from Ukrainian fascism since 2014. In the video, soldiers give the Nazi salute while praising the Nazi collaborator Banderas. (The salute identified with the Nazis of Ukraine is like the famous slogan of the Nazis. It is a fascist greeting, used as “Слава Україні — Героям слава” (Glory to Ukraine — Glory to the heroes) such as “Heil Hitler — Sieg Heil” (Glory to Hitler — Glory to the heroes) .)

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