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An 81-year-old woman in Wales, part of Great Britain, committed suicide after her pension was stopped because of bureaucratic mistakes, according to the World Socialist website. Joy Worrall threw herself to her death after being down to her last five pounds. This unemployment and benefits system in Britain uses ‘sanctions’ against benefit claimants, pushing already poor people into misery and desperation. Worrall’s tragedy is only the latest case of this happening.

In April, a man named Stephen Smith died in Liverpool after he had been considered fit for work and had his benefits taken away even though a photograph showed him emaciated and looking like a concentration camp victim.  


Mahir Mete Kul Will Live in Our Hearts

Mahir Mete Kul left us in the best years of life. He was 23 years old. Since he was a child, he was growing side by side with the revolutionaries. He was named after Mahir Çayan and Mete Nezihi Altınay who fell martyr in the mountains of Sivas. The culture and moral he received from the revolutionaries made him a honest and honourable young man.

As he grew up, he joined the struggle, he became a member of Highschool Revolutionary Youth. He fought for completely independent Turkey. He wanted free education and future without tests. Then he was unjustly imprisoned by the fascism with the help of false witnesses, and threatened with a punishment of tens of years.

He was released from the prison, yet the fear of the fascists did not hesitate to mow him and his friends with lifetime sentences. The Turkish fascist system did not give the right to live to Mahir Mete nor to other youths.

Mahir Mete’s education was left half-way done. He was forced to leave the country for the sake of the struggle, and set off on the way to emigration. In order to cross the Mehriç river he took a boat which capsized.

He was buried today in Athens according to the revolutionary tradition that he belonged to.

We as Anti-Imperialist Front:

– denounce the policies of imperialism as the main enemy of the people and Turkish fascism as it’s collaborator, that forces the people either into dungeons or into exile;

– condemn the anti-immigration policies which drive thousands of humans into their death while they try to flee horrors caused by the imperialist politics;

– call for solidarity with the refugees who are persecuted for their anti-imperialist and anti-fascist struggle;

– call for struggle against xenophobia and racism towards immigrant workers.

Emigration is a consequence of the imperialist exploitation, military interventions and repression by the imperialist puppet regimes. Immigration control is the basis of the imperialist world system which guarantees exploitation of the poor countries.


The Anti-Imperialist Front calls for the immediate release of revolutionary and progressive lawyers in Turkey.
The decisions of the courts of fascism are null and void. This is class justice, in this case the “justice” of a system that does not even heed its own laws. The court had recourse to “secret witnesses”, a trend in recent years in Turkey which denies defendants even a pretence of a fair trial. No judiciary, no law, can judge the rightfulness and legitimacy of revolutionary lawyers. Rather than being a lawyer in order to lead a comfortable life, they were sentenced to between 3 and 20 years for being against injustice, for justice and honour and advocating for the people. In Turkey, the punishment is aimed at intimidating the revolutionaries who fight for justice for the people.

Paradise Turkey: here is the joint communiqué of all the European lawyers present at the trial of the #HHB People’s lawyers and #CHD progressives

We international observers, lawyers from Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, Greece and The Netherlands, representing the Belgian Council of Bar Associations and Law Society, International Lawyers Association, Organization of Belgian Germand and French Speaking Lawyers, Brussels Bar, Liege Bar, International Association of Democratic Lawyers, European Association of Lawyers for Democracy and World Human Rights, Italian Democratic Lawyers, Italian Association of Criminal Lawyers, European Democratic Lawyers, Legal Team, French Bar Association, Central Committee of French Lawyers, Lawyers without borders France, assisted since its beginning in September 2018 to the trial against the progressist Lawyers Association CHD.

The climax was reached yesterday when the President of the Court abruptly excluded all the lawyers from the possibility to assist to the hearing.

We are shocked because of the flagrant violations of fundamental principles of rule of law such as independence of the judiciary, fair trial and right to defence.

We are convinced that at this point this trial is completely null and void.

Protesting against the heavy prison terms inflicted we insist on the immediate acquittal of all defendants, to be attained through all possible judicial and legal means.

We express our solidarity to the defendants in the name of the common struggle for upholding justice and rule of law.

Istanbul, March the 20th 2019

Görüntünün olası içeriği: 6 kişi, ayakta duran insanlar

Letter From Imprisoned Lawyer Aytaç Ünsal:

11 Mart 2019g

Our invitation:
We are lawyers of the people: we have defended the workers who are murdered every day on the building sites and in the mines. 
We have defended villagers whose olives are plundered, whose mountains are pierced and whose rivers are poisoned. 
We have defended youth condemned to corruption whose right to expression and action is not recognised. We have defended women exposed to rape, violence, humiliation and murder. 
We have defended our Sunni people whose beliefs are exploited and commercialised. 
We have defended our Alevi people whose beliefs and places of worship are under threat. 
We have defended the Kurdish people who are disrespected and threatened with assimilation. 
We have defended the Turkish people and the people of Anatolia whose national dignity is trampled upon by US bases occupying our territory. 
We work as revolutionary lawyers who struggle for the people and homeland, experience torture and imprisonment, are murdered, struggle under all conditions and continue to pay the price. 
This is why we have been prisoners for 18 months:
This is why they want to punish the People’s Law Bureau (HHB).
This is why we invite you to our trial between 18 and 21 March in Silivri, we will continue to defend the People’s Law Bureau.

One of the imprisoned lawyers of the People’s Law Bureau: AYTAC UNSAL